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Purchase both titles and save with our bundle.

1. Transitioning the Enterprise into the Cloud: A Business Approach

Overview: A practitioner’s approach
North of $600,000 is spent annually on cloud computing. Yet, this is only a small portion of the total IT spend. Still, much work remains to complete the transition, as the cloud is recognized as a superior information technology service delivery model. A cloud transition, involving a move from a premise-based data center to an Internet-based, on-demand model, is complex, risky, and costly. Significant strategic planning and execution efforts lie ahead, as corporate leaders strive to deliver products and services while reducing their cost of operations.

This book accomplishes several objectives toward those objectives. First, it identifies how the current premise-based information technology delivery model is helped by a cloud-based delivery model. This is accomplished by outlining data collection costs, contrasting their equivalents to cloud price offerings and capabilities, and observing current and upcoming areas of need.

2. Leveraging The Cloud Marketplace to Mitigate Risks, Costs and Complexities.

If you are a Chief Information Officer (CIO), you know transitioning to the cloud is a very large and risky project. Though your cloud strategy maybe part of your reference architecture, you may still continue to struggle to assess how the cloud actually fits into the larger corporate business model. Further, it is a daunting task to assess the cloud marketplace for vendors that are a good fit. Additionally, reducing operational costs during the cloud transition will be difficult especially if you have adopted a ‘cloud first’ mindset. Expenses will continue to grow in both the private data center and in the cloud.

This book may be able to help the CIO change her role to that of a cloud broker, serving all corporate departments, suppliers and customers. Developing a cloud managed service adds to the CIO’s portfolio. This book can also assist the CIO with cloud vendor selection, vendor contracts and service level agreements as it assists with a cloud implementation for all corporate departments. A cloud broker strategy will help to avoid the CIO from being left behind.

If you make a living as a Channel Reseller or Cloud Solution Company selling information technology products & services, then you know how difficult it is to sell into an environment that puts the purchaser at risk and will likely not reach a positive return on investment for an extended period of time. Selling into a marketplace that is constantly contracting and expanding is difficult. To dampen risks and complexity you clearly will want to understand the cloud marketplace.